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Paranormal Adventure


I have traveled the world. In over thirty years I have been involved in seances, witchcraft and both minor and major possessions by both freindly and malevolent spirits. Iam a psychic medium with the ability to cleanse both home and those affected by unwanted spirits. Within the pages of  my work The Paranormal Journal. You will read of these times in my life, when to set the world as it should be. I risked both body and spirit to help those imprisoned by powers and devices not of there own making.  There is something of us after life. Join with me in these pages and see for yourself.  My first work   The paranormal journal followed by the abyss wich launches in December of twenty fifteen.

In this world there are many who would dabble in things they are not ready for. When and if you do so it is at your own peril.


Paranormal adventures in worlds beyound words, both dangerous and bazarre.


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